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The law firm of Booth Udall Fuller, PLC is an intellectual property and securities boutique firm dedicated to handling patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how and licensing as well as securities and corporate matters relevant to start-ups and established companies. We practice with integrity and with great respect for our clients. We work exceptionally well with clients’ in-house or existing legal counsel.


United States Trademark 78/718,589 Registered:  May 6, 2008 Owners:  HELSER BROTHERS, INC.; (Chandler, AZ) Description of Services: IC 020, drapery hardware and accessories, namely, finials, finial components, finial assemblies, rods, brackets, rings, wands, tiebacks, swag holders, and tab posts.

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United States Trademark 77/274,040 Registered:  August 19, 2008 Owners:  Natural Partners, Inc.; (Scottsdale, AZ) Description of Services: IC 035, Wholesale distributorships featuring vitamins, supplements, minerals, homeopathics, herbs, and prescription homeopathics to licensed medical professionals.

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United States Trademark 76/501,612 Registered:  July 26, 2005 Owners:  Anshara, Sherry; (Scottsdale, AZ) Description of Services: IC 016, Printed counseling, treatment and educational matter, namely books, research reports, pamphlets, newsletters, guides, lessons, lists, reports, teaching materials, brochures, forms, questionnaires, and flyers, all on the subjects quantum energy, vibrational energy, energy frequency, intuition and consciousness.

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United States Trademark 77/733,713 Filed:  May 11, 2009 Owners: Higashi, Jeffrey, (Torrance, CA)  Description of Services: IC 009, Amplifier for wireless communications; Audio speakers; Consumer electronic products, namely, audio amplifiers, audio speakers, audio receivers, electrical audio and speaker cables and connectors, home theater systems, audio decoders, video decoders, speakers, power conversion devices, power converters, and [...]

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United States Patent 7,000,367

7,000,367 Vacuum packaging machine and system for controlling the same Issued:  February 21, 2006 Inventors:  Sung; Yi-Je (Incheon-si, 403-762, KR) Abstract:  The present invention relates to a vacuum packaging machine for vacuum sealing by putting food into a vacuum packaging bag, removing air from the vacuum packaging bag, and sealing an open portion of the [...]

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United States Patent 7,462,778

7,462,778 Horizontal and vertical mountable weatherproof cover plate Issued:  December 9, 2008 Assignee:  TayMac Corporation (Gilbert, AZ) Inventors:  Shotey; Michael J. (Scottsdale, AZ), Shotey; Marcus J. (Scottsdale, AZ), Maltby; Edgar W. (Mesa, AZ) Abstract:  A weatherproof cover plate that may be installed horizontally and vertically is disclosed. In a weatherproof flat cover plate, an apron [...]

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United States Publication 20060256941

20060256941 Terminal independent personal telephone services Published:  November 16, 2006 Inventors:  Kahn; Ari; (Mt. Shasta, CA) Abstract:  The invention provides a communication system comprising a network infrastructure and a plurality of telephone terminals. The telephone terminals can be conventional telephones. The network infrastructure includes a control center with an associated database, which stores data corresponding [...]

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United States Publication 20090088074

20090088074 ENCLOSED SPACE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS Published:  April 2, 2009 Inventors:  Limbaugh; Douglas V.; (Glendale, AZ) ; Murphy; Patrick A.; (Phoenix, AZ) ; Pease; Brian L.; (Milton, VT) ; Savoca; Metthew J.; (Peoria, AZ) ; Simms; Geoffrey D.; (Phoenix, AZ) Abstract:  Systems and methods for communication in enclosed areas. Implementations of a method [...]

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