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Patents and Innovation Basics

Innovation is the Key to Business Success and Market Share.

Particularly in today’s fast-paced markets and ever-shortening competitor knockoff timelines, patents are an essential business asset to help you prevent your valuable products and processes from becoming low priced commodities.  You cannot obtain or maintain significant market share by only incorporating into your products what others have done.  Be the first one to claim your ideas and keep them secure!

If you don’t take action to innovate and to protect your new ideas, your competition and sometimes even your customers will quickly adopt your best products and improvements as their own and carve away parts of your market share.  Stop reacting to your competitors and proactively take charge of your innovation and your company’s future!

Patents are the Tools to Defend Your Innovation Success.

Booth Udall Fuller has attorneys that are federally registered patent attorneys with technical degrees and law degrees.  We understand patent strategies and track patent and legal trends to offer the most up to date strategies for patent protection.  We counsel our clients with an eye toward their business realities and toward providing a defensible patent and market position for their innovations.

Be a Technology Leader – Not a Commodity Follower.

Patents can protect the functional, structural and visual aspects of a product, composition or process.  Patents give your products and company market credibility and a defensible market space.  Be a high-end technology leader, not a low priced commodity follower.  Without patents and innovation, you will be racing your competition to the lowest price on your new ideas until those new ideas become common place commodities.  Turn your product lines and offerings around by innovating them to the forefront of the industry.

Build Some Innovation into Every Aspect of Your Business.

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