United States Patent 7,000,367


Vacuum packaging machine and system for controlling the same

Issued:  February 21, 2006

Inventors:  Sung; Yi-Je (Incheon-si, 403-762, KR)

Abstract:  The present invention relates to a vacuum packaging machine for vacuum sealing by putting food into a vacuum packaging bag, removing air from the vacuum packaging bag, and sealing an open portion of the vacuum packaging bag, and a system for controlling the vacuum packaging machine. The vacuum packaging machine includes a housing (10), a hood (20) and a separation unit (60). The housing (10) has a cover (11b) with a rubber packing (12) attached to a border thereof and an outlet (110b) formed therein, and a heater (16) for sealing a vacuum packaging bag. The hood (20) is hingedly connected to the housing (10) to selectively open and close a top of the housing (10), and has a rubber packing (22). The separation unit (60) communicates with the outlet (110b) through a communicating member and is connected to a vacuum pump. The vacuum packaging machine forms a vacuum through the vacuum pump when the rubber packings (22 and 12) of both the hood (20) and the housing (10) come into contact with each other. The separation unit (60) communicates with a filter means (80) having a filter casing (82) for filtering impurities or oil contained in the vacuum packaging bag, a filter (84) inserted into the filter casing (82) to remove the impurities, and a filter casing cover (86).

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