United States Patent 7,331,295


Railcar door operating mechanism with piston lock

Issued:  February 19, 2008

Inventors:  Marchiori; David (San Antonio, TX)

Abstract:  A railcar door operating mechanism with piston lock used for opening, closing and locking a railcar door. The railcar door operating mechanism may include a hydraulic piston, a piston lock, a lock drive, and a lock drive piston. To open a railcar door the lock drive piston extends and causes movement of the lock drive. The lock drive then engages the piston lock and moves the piston lock from a locked position to an unlocked position. Once the piston lock is in an unlocked position, the hydraulic piston is then retracted to open the railcar door. To close the railcar door, the hydraulic piston is again activated extending the hydraulic piston to close the railcar door. The lock drive piston may then retract and cause movement of the lock drive. The lock drive may again engage the piston lock and move the piston lock into a locked position.

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