United States Patent 7,097,601


Exercise device

Issued:  August 29, 2006

Inventors:  Ronnow; Clark (Phoenix, AZ)

Abstract:  An exercise device is described. The exercise device may include a pair of separate weightlifting units removably coupled to one another. Some implementations may include one or more of the following. Each weightlifting unit may include at least one weight removably held internal to the exercise device. The at least one weight may be coupled to one of a weight bar, a weight bar threaded along at least a portion of its length, and a weight bar having a plurality of spaced apart holes there through along at least a portion of its length. The at least one weight may be held in place by one of a spring clamp, a pressure ring collar, an adjustable nut, and a pin. The adjustable nut may be an annularly cylindrical nut having threads on an inner concentric surface and diamond knurl on an outer concentric surface.

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