United States Patent 7,213,232


System and method for configuring software using a business modeling tool

Issued:  May 1, 2007

Assignee:  i2 Technologies, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Inventors:  Knowles; G. Gordon (Dallas, TX)

Abstract:  A method for configuring software includes communicating a business configuration interface to a user and receiving a selection of a business configuration from the user. In addition, the method includes communicating a business topology interface to the user that includes one or more functional elements associated with the selected business configuration. The method also includes receiving a selection of a functional element, which includes one or more business functions, from the user. In addition the method includes communicating a functional element interface to the user, the functional element interface including one or more business functions associated with the selected functional element, and receiving a selection of a business function from the user, the business function having one or more associated business processes. Furthermore, the method includes communicating one or more business process interfaces to the user and receiving software configuration information from the user via the one or more business process interfaces.

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