United States Patent 7,386,459


Filtered peer-to-peer business communication in a distributed computer environment

Issued:  June 10, 2008

Assignee:  i2 Technologies US, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Inventors:  English; Jason R. (Dallas, TX)

Abstract:  A method for filtered peer-to-peer business communication in a distributed computer environment includes accessing offers associated with one or more offerors and requests associated with one or more requestors, each offer and each request including a set of filter components. Filter components of offers are compared with corresponding filter components of requests to determine whether one or more offers match one or more requests. A match is determined between an offer and a request if the filter components of the offer match the corresponding filter components of the request. In response, at least a matching portion of the offer and request is replicated and communicated to both the offeror associated with the offer and the requestor associated with the request to provide filtered peer-to-peer communication between the offeror and requestor.

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