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What is Outside In-House Counsel?

As part of its IP COACH® services, Booth Udall Fuller exclusively offers the Outside In-House Counsel SM program. The advantages of having in-house intellectual property counsel are many, but the cost of having a full time lawyer on staff is restrictive for many companies. In recognition of this business reality, Booth Udall Fuller began its Outside In-House Counsel SM program to assist its clients through the value of a full time intellectual property department without a full time commitment.

Participate in the Outside In-House SM Counsel program and have an IP Coach® work with your staff for as much or as little time as you need each month. Each IP Coach® is supported by a team of intellectual property staff and attorneys to make sure your intellectual property needs are met as they arise.

Advantages of Outside In-House SM Counsel Program Membership:

  • Direct Access to Your Assigned IP Coach®
  • Intellectual Property Audit
  • Intellectual Property Recommendations Report Specific to Your Company
  • Monthly or Quarterly IP Strategy Meetings with Your Assigned IP Coach SM and Your IP Strategy Team
  • Competitor Tracking Reports
  • 10% Discount on all Booth Udall Fuller Services
  • Intellectual Project TM Tracking on all covered Matters
  • Access to the knowledge, resources and experience of Booth Udall Fuller